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SignaGen PolyJet™ DNA Transfection Reagent

使用PolyJet DNA Transfection Reagent轉染plasmid DNA至Human colon cancer cells
Cell Death Discov, 2016. 2: p. 16027.

Repositioning of a cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor GW8510 as a ribonucleotide reductase M2 inhibitor to treat human colorectal cancer.

使用PolyJet DNA Transfection Reagent轉染plasmid DNA至HepG2、HuH-7 & rat hepatoma cell line Qs21 細胞
PLoS Pathog, 2015. 11(10): p. e1005123.

The Dual Role of an ESCRT-0 Component HGS in HBV Transcription and Naked Capsid Secretion.

使用PolyJet DNA Transfection Reagent轉染plasmid DNA至HCT-8、Colo205 & HCT-116 細胞
Oncotarget, 2015. 6(35): p. 38046-38060.

The impact of RNA binding motif protein 4-regulated splicing cascade on the progression and metabolism of colorectal cancer cells.

使用PolyJet DNA Transfection Reagent轉染plasmid DNA至Huh-7 細胞
Oncotarget, 2015. 6(36): p. 38967-38982.

Regulation of Aldo-keto-reductase family 1 B10 by 14-3-3ε and their prognostic impact of hepatocellular carcinoma.


GenMute™ siRNA Transfection Reagent

使用GenMute™ siRNA Transfection Reagent轉染siRNA、miRNA mimic至Adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells (ASCs)
Mol Ther Nucleic Acids, 2016. 5: p. e285.

MicroRNA-27b Enhances the Hepatic Regenerative Properties of Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells.

使用GenMute™ siRNA Transfection Reagent轉染cDNA、 siRNAs 和 shRNAs至A549、CL1-0、CL1-5細胞Oncotarget, 2015. 6(1): p. 381-93.

MIG-7 and phosphorylated prohibitin coordinately regulate lung cancer invasion/metastasis.