DNA/RNA Research

Reverse Transcription

Brand Bioline
Item Tetro Reverse Transcriptase SensiFAST™ cDNA Synthesis
RNase H activity - -
Template Length <9 kb -
Reaction temperature 45℃ 42℃
Concentration 200 U/ul -
Other features Ultra-stable Unbiased cDNA synthesis
Similar to    
Synthesis of first-strand cDNA v v
Primer extension v  
cDNA library construction v  
3' and 5' RACE v  
Real-Time PCR   v
Sequencing transcriptomes    
RNA splicing analysis    
Format Options
Enzyme Only v  
Synthesis Kit v  
Mix type   v
Reverse Transcriptase

Tetro Reverse Transcriptase​
►Tetro™ Reverse Transcriptase
►Tetro™ cDNA Synthesis Kit 
(套組含有 RTase、Buffer、RNase Inhibitor、dNTP Mix、Primers 和RNase free water )

SensiFAST™ cDNA Synthesis
►SensiFAST™ cDNA Synthesis Kit 
(mix type, 緩衝夜已混和好primers、dNTP等)